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Great variation, same basic rules

All videoslots share the same basic idea, however there are small and some big variations to videoslots that make each of them a unique experience. When you look at a videoslot the only difference you might see is between the symbols and payouts, but there’s a large arsenal of experiences hiding underneath the shell. Different videoslots have different themes, layouts and most importantly – different bonus games and features. The bonus games are a big part of videoslots these days since they add an extra dimension to the videoslot, with more payouts and more fun. There are currently thousands of videoslots out there with dozens being made each month for all the online casinos out there. There are many high end distributers and developers for casino software like Net Entertainment or Cryptologic and the market is still increasing. What does that mean for the player though? It means more security, better conditions and higher payouts with a more stable programming core and well designed layout.

Videoslots offer a high return of money

Videoslots have higher theoretical return of money than ever before, most lingering around 96-98% but some reaching as high as 99%. A return of money is basically the average payout that a videoslot offers in return to the players bet but the value is appreciated from hundreds of thousands of players and not just you. Not everyone wins at videoslots, there will always be the big winners and the big losers but the higher the theoretical return, the better your chances. If you bet $100 on a 99% return videoslot, you will get $99 back to keep trying.

Massive jackpots available

There are massive progressive jackpots available for videoslots on the online casino market where many have a payout of at least a million dollars and some climb as high as nearly 16 million dollars to a single winner. A progressive jackpot increases in value thanks to a percentage taken from each players bet, however the percentage taken doesn’t have any effect on the money you can win during regular play. There is perhaps only a handful of progressive jackpots that are worth playing at any given time and its hard to ignore when a jackpot is breaking records. one site focusing on slots is the Swedish slotsguide where you can find reviews of casinos such as Mr Green.

Casinos offer a ton of free rounds on Videoslots

If there is one thing online casinos love doing, that would be giving their new and current customers free spins/rounds on new and popular videoslots. This is usually done in a promotional purpose, to draw attention to their new videoslot and attract players. However the free spins allow you to win real money without investing or even transferring money to your online casino. There is probably no greater feeling at an online casino than starting with a few free spins and ending the day with a few hundred dollars more.

Author: titboy on September 29, 2011
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