PokerStars Gaming License In New Jersey Denied


PokerStars one of the largest online poker giants known to the market has had their New Jersey E-Gaming License Application declined by the Gaming Enforcement Division in the garden state. This is due to the founder of PokerStars Isai Scheinberg’s involvement in a unresolved federal issue.

Due to this denial PokerStars won’t be able to reapply for another gambling license in New Jersey for two years. This essentially means that the poker firm won’t be able to progress within the Garden State and gain the major lead in competition that they wanted to. The poker firm already had a deal with the Resorts Casino that would allow for them to operate in the Garden State. In looks like these plans will no longer be put into place unless Mr. Scheinberg leaves the poker firm, then this ban will be lifted.

PokerStars was founded by Scheinberg and is now operated by his son. When his son took the former role in which Scheinberg worked PokerStars was able to begin operations in a variety of countries again. The state of New Jersey doesn’t want Scheinberg to have any interaction with the poker firm and by his son being the CEO he still has some interaction with Scheinberg.

As of right now no one knows if PokerStars will work to get this ban lifted and it is more than likely that the ban won’t be lifted until the son of Isai Scheinberg leaves the company as well. Until then PokerStars will have to wait two years in order to apply for a e-Gaming license in the garden state.


Author: admin on January 3, 2014
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