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Cash & Carry Progressive Taken at Paf

This month, a lucky online gambler was able to win £160,563 while playing the video slot “Cash & Carry” at Paf Casino. This fortunate win took place only minutes after it turned to January 11th, 2016. The winning player whom has already received their funds has opted out of revealing their personal information which caused for a delay in Paf Casino’s announcement of this jackpot win.

Cash & Carry

This 5 reel, 15 payline video slot resembles a classic slot in its design. There is no true background to it, instead just symbols on the reels. Every icon showcased is an item you’d see at a mall such as a watch, ring, perfume, pants or shoes. This game offers three different progressive jackpots, one of these three progressives are triggered every two weeks. Most of the time the wins ranging around £61,000.

The winning punter did allow for Paf to release her statement, she said, “I’m still surprised that I’ve won, my mind is going insane just thinking about all of the different things I can do. The first thing I do is my husband and myself shall be going on our first vacation since our Honeymoon.”

Anyone wanting to play Cash & Carry will be met with a pleasant surprise. At first it looks as if this game has nothing to offer but after playing it for a few minutes, you can’t help to become immersed in the games overall experience thanks to its profitable features/winning combinations. Register today with Paf to find out more about this slot.”

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