888 Casino Leaves Portugal without Pre-Warning

In a surprising turn of events 888 Casino has left the Portuguese gambling market without any pre-warning what so ever to players or affiliates. This announcement was only revealed when an email was sent out earlier this week to affiliates, noting that by the end of the day they would be leaving the market.

888 Casino

As of right now 888 Casino hasn’t made any statement as to why they have left the Portuguese gambling market. Many are speculating that is it due to the fact that this casino wishes to preserve their chances at gaining a gambling license within Western European Countries. This pullout will allow for them to remain in the good grace of certain regulators within the west. This doesn’t mean that all of the affiliates who worked with 888 Casino are in the dust now either. They have the opportunity to take the players they sent to the casino & relocate them to another online casino within Portugal. This’ll ensure that players themselves will still be able to gamble in their country.

This also doesn’t mean that 888 Casino won’t return to Portugal in the future. Most likely the casino is waiting for the country to become regulated in their online gambling market. This seems to be the case with all online casinos that have gained a professional & honorable name for themselves over the years.
As of right now there isn’t any word if 888 Casino will be gaining the Western gambling license they desire so badly.

Author: admin on July 28, 2015
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