Betsoft loses lawsuit filed by Sherriff Gaming

This week Sherriff Gaming won its lawsuit that was filed by Betsoft Gaming. The case was heard in the Netherlands Court of Appeal after a previous decision by the Court of First Instance that was in favor of Sherriff Gaming.  The case related to Sherriff Gaming apparently contacting Betsoft customers and infringing on their IP rights as well as the encouragement to not do business with Betsoft.

Betsoft filed the appeal based on its initial accusation relating to Sherriff Gaming infringing on IP rights and basically the similar look, feel and overall style of Betsoft games. After the courts analysed the source codes they found that there was no concrete evidence that would support the claims made by Betsoft against Sherriff Gaming. At that time Betsoft was unable to add any additional evidence that would strengthen its case.

The court did note that Betsoft had presented evidence that it knew had been manipulated and based on that Betsoft has no basis to make a claim of infringement in the first place or a reasonable believe that their IP rights had been infringed on either.

Sherriff Gamin’s Stjin Flapper stated “The courts decision has made us exceptionally happy and now allows us to continue moving forward. It provides our growing client base and the entire industry that we are innovators in the creation of 3D games.”

Author: admin on July 24, 2013
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