Cash & Carry Progressive Taken at Paf

This month, a lucky online gambler was able to win £160,563 while playing the video slot “Cash & Carry” at Paf Casino. This fortunate win took place only minutes after it turned to January 11th, 2016. The winning player whom has already received their funds has opted out of revealing their personal information which caused for a delay in Paf Casino’s announcement of this jackpot win.

Cash & Carry

This 5 reel, 15 payline video slot resembles a classic slot in its design. There is no true background to it, instead just symbols on the reels. Every icon showcased is an item you’d see at a mall such as a watch, ring, perfume, pants or shoes. This game offers three different progressive jackpots, one of these three progressives are triggered every two weeks. Most of the time the wins ranging around £61,000.

The winning punter did allow for Paf to release her statement, she said, “I’m still surprised that I’ve won, my mind is going insane just thinking about all of the different things I can do. The first thing I do is my husband and myself shall be going on our first vacation since our Honeymoon.”

Anyone wanting to play Cash & Carry will be met with a pleasant surprise. At first it looks as if this game has nothing to offer but after playing it for a few minutes, you can’t help to become immersed in the games overall experience thanks to its profitable features/winning combinations. Register today with Paf to find out more about this slot.”

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Spin Sorceress Released by NYX

NYX Gaming, one of the largest betting firms on he web has announced the release of their upcoming video slot. This new slot dubbed, “Spin Sorceress”, which is slated to be released on December 16th has been over watched by NYX Gaming but developed by the NextGen Gaming Studio. The combination of these two houses will surely provide an immersive gambling experience.


Spin Sorceress has been crafted as a 5 reel, 243 payline slot machine. It features a mystical theme, providing a winter mountain landscape as the background. Feature wise players can look forward to win multipliers, wild symbols, free spins and scatters. This new title is being provided via the NYX OGS Platform which ensures that punters can play on both mobile & desktop devices. Luckily for new punters dozens of casinos throughout the globe offer this platform in order to give their core audience the best gambling experiences.

The Commercial Director at NYX, David Johnson stated, “We’re continually thrilled by the idea of providing a vaster & more immersive experience to our licensees and audience. NextGen Gaming has always stood as a popular developer ever since they made their way into the industry years ago, we’re pleased to release a game designed by them that is exclusive to the OGS Platform.”

All those whom want to experience this vast platform which consists of multiple developers including Net Ent, NextGen, Microgaming and many others just need to sign up with a casino supporting the OGS Platform. A world of winning opportunities await whomever does.

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Gold Mega Jackpot Awarded at 888 Casino

Late into the night of November 9th, 2015, a lucky online punter triggered a life altering amount of money while playing the video slot “Tornadough”. This gambler triggered the Gold Mega Jackpot, allowing for $774,758 to be won.

888 Casino

The details regarding this progressive jackpot win have been somewhat kept secret. The details pertaining towards the winning player’s name, location and more hasn’t been revealed by 888 Casino. We do know that this is the thirty seventh time that this progressive has been won since it was released back in January of 2010. This network progressive pays out a normal figure amount of $945,171. The largest progressive to ever be taken on “Gold Mega Jackpot” was $1,985,920. None the less this fortunate punter was able to win an amount of money that’ll surely alter his financial life.

The Gold Mega Jackpot is offered on a variety of exclusive slots to 888 Casino. Those games include Tornadough, The Sting and Hawaiian Madness. All of these games are currently available to be played at 888. The winning punter, though withholding his identity still made the effort to make a short statement, “I’d like to thank 888 Casino for everything, the transition has been smooth. I’m just starting to get over the shock of this all, I don’t know what’s in store for my future but thanks to 888 Casino it’ll be a future I never would’ve thought I’d have.”

Clearly this winning punter is grateful for this progressive win. Whomever wants to try their chances on this progressive, which pays out roughly every six weeks can do so at 888 Casino today.

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Star Crystals Released by Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming, an internet betting software developer well known in the gambling market has revealed their latest slot for the month of October. This slot has been named “Star Crystals” and will be available exclusively to Sky Vegas. This does mean that this Genesis Gaming developed slot will be provided through the OpenBet platform.


Star Crystals has been developed as a 5 reel, 243 payline video slot with the essence of freedom & excitement. This is thanks to the space science fiction theme provided throughout this slots gameplay. Free spins, random wilds, win multipliers, scatters and a bonus round are all available to be triggered. Genesis designed this slot in an HTML5 Format which means that this game will be available to be played on both mobile and desktop devices. This slot is currently available to be played at Sky Vegas Casino. Those whom wish to gain more information on Star Crystals can do so by going to the Genesis Gaming YouTube Channel & viewing their preview. Unfortunately no official released by either one of these gambling firms.

This isn’t surprising though as Genesis Gaming rarely makes any statements regarding any of their slots as in the past they’ve been known to oversell the games they provide to the public. This has caused for backlash in the past, something they’ve now avoided for more than a year. Hopefully Star Crystals isn’t one of those games as this slot has the potential to be something great, exciting & profitable for all punters who play it.

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Bier Fest and Escape Artist Released by Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming, a well-known software developer in the online gambling market has announced the release of two new video slots for the month of September. The first to be released is Bier Fest while Escape Artist will be the second slot to be released this month.

Genesis Gaming

Bier Fest is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot featuring an Oktoberfest theme. Those playing this game will truly feel as if they’re in Germany thanks to the German music, by standing drinkers, beer maidens and more. While venturing through this slot expanding wilds, stacked wilds and two bonus rounds will be available to be triggered. Escape Artist on the other hand is 5 reel, all payline video slot portraying a spooky theme. Various ghouls and monsters will appear on the reels as icons. A variety of these icons can trigger free spins, scatters, wilds and a bonus round.

Genesis Gaming’s James Watson stated, “Both of these games offer elements of humor and excitement. There is plenty of entertainment available for players. We’ve created a story that builds in suspense with each spin & the compelling bonus features of both these games will be more rewarding thanks to that story.” It seems that Bier Fest & Escape Artist mark a new moment for Genesis Gaming. Just as so many other software developers they’ve begun to create more story oriented slots. There is no specific release dates for either one of the games, it’s known that both will be released this month. Register an account with a Genesis Gaming licensed casino & experience these games soon.

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Alberta Presents Online Gambling to Lawmakers

Ontario is the first province in the country of Canada to go legal with online gambling but it seems that all other provinces as well as the country as a whole wishes for online gambling to be legal as well. This is why the province of Alberta is unfortunately the second last province to present online gambling to lawmakers, their doing this in hopes that this province will also be able to reap in from the profit of online gambling.


The Alberta Gaming and Lottery Commission are making this presentation to lawmakers in Alberta. Bill Robinson, the president behind this commission has liked to note that there are millions of residents around Alberta who spend hundreds to thousands per years at offshore online casinos. Allowing for online gambling to be legalized and taxed cheaply will bring in millions for the province, this’ll be the highlight of this presentation. None of the estimates relating to how much could be brought in for the province has yet to be revealed as of right now. In the upcoming days this presentation is being. Saskatchewan is the other only province which doesn’t provide legal online gambling, this is mainly due to the fact that their population is small and that many in the area choose not to gamble.

None the less this could allow for Alberta to become one of the more profitable provinces. It’s oil reserves are one thing but the money brought in from online gambling will be an entirely different thing.

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888 Casino Leaves Portugal without Pre-Warning

In a surprising turn of events 888 Casino has left the Portuguese gambling market without any pre-warning what so ever to players or affiliates. This announcement was only revealed when an email was sent out earlier this week to affiliates, noting that by the end of the day they would be leaving the market.

888 Casino

As of right now 888 Casino hasn’t made any statement as to why they have left the Portuguese gambling market. Many are speculating that is it due to the fact that this casino wishes to preserve their chances at gaining a gambling license within Western European Countries. This pullout will allow for them to remain in the good grace of certain regulators within the west. This doesn’t mean that all of the affiliates who worked with 888 Casino are in the dust now either. They have the opportunity to take the players they sent to the casino & relocate them to another online casino within Portugal. This’ll ensure that players themselves will still be able to gamble in their country.

This also doesn’t mean that 888 Casino won’t return to Portugal in the future. Most likely the casino is waiting for the country to become regulated in their online gambling market. This seems to be the case with all online casinos that have gained a professional & honorable name for themselves over the years.
As of right now there isn’t any word if 888 Casino will be gaining the Western gambling license they desire so badly.

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£245,935 Won at Betfair Casino


Betfair Casino, one of the most popular online casinos within the European Union made a pleasant revilement yesterday. This casino revealed that a fortunate online punter was able to win £245,935 while playing the Blueprint Gaming designed video slot “Winstar”.

Betfair has opted not to reveal any personal information regarding this lucky player. What can be confirmed is that this is the third time that the progressive in Winstar has been triggered and that it is by far the largest jackpot to ever be won as of right now. In order to trigger the progressive in this slot it is required that players land on five of the gold star symbols across all five reels.

Those wishing to enjoy this slot will be met with a 5 reel, 10 payline video slot. Unfortunately there aren’t any game features available to be activated in this slot. There aren’t any wilds, no scatters, no free spins or no bonuses. There is a mystery symbol feature which has a hidden symbol revealed & stacked across multiple reels. This can result in a series of large & profitable winning combinations. There are only two only casinos which support this specific video slot, Betfair & SkyVegas. Two of the three progressives that have been won on this slot have been at Betfair casino due to their immense popularity amongst the online gambling market.

We’ll keep you up to date on any new information released regarding as to who the lucky winning player is and what they plan on doing with their new
found riches!

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Treasure Nile Jackpot worth $171,763 Triggered

The progressive jackpot on Treasure Nile, a video slot designed by Microgaming, has once again been won. This was won by a fortunate player who was able to win $171,763 and in the process making this the ninety ninth time this jackpot has been won, just one shy of a landmark 100 wins!

Treasure Nile

At this point in time, there are limited details on this jackpot win, which occurred on Friday, April 15th 2015. The casino responsible for hosting it has yet to be revealed but this is typical due to the amount won not being considered exceptionally large in comparison to the jackpots that surpass a million or more. The same applies with who the actual player is or what that their plans are on doing with their winnings. This is the second time that a six figure jackpot has been triggered within the last two weeks on Treasure Nile, and thus showcases how popular this game still is.

Treasure Nile is a 5 reel, 9 payline Egyptian themed video slot that consists of multipliers, wilds and scatters. The progressive jackpot becomes activated when five of the King Tut icons appear on the ninth payline.

We shall inform you of any new updates regarding who triggered this progressive jackpot, what they plan are if mentioned and which casino hosted this win. Treasure Nile can be played at any online casino that provides the Microgaming platform.

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Millionaire Genie Progressive Won At 888 Casino

What would it be like to be a millionaire? to live the life of luxury and more. That’s what Millionaire Genie, a video slot available at 888 Casino exactly offers you the chance to win. One fortunate player this week was able to win that ability to become a millionaire as this player won $5,194,130. This is an incredible jackpot win but unfortunately as of right now there is no word on any of the details regarding who triggered this progressive.

What makes this slot so appealing to so many is not just the name but also the traditional design. While playing this slot it is basic and simple to use, allowing for a peaceful gambling experience. The scratch card bonus game is also a lot of fun and reminds you of a day when slot machines weren’t around. Through this bonus round you can trigger the progressive just as this lucky player did earlier on this week.

We also aren’t aware of what this winning punter plans on doing with the money they’ve won. When winning a jackpot such as this your life changes in a matter of a second, you are instantly in another tax bracket. This punter will more than likely be checking what options he has with his new finances and then reveal a statement to the press. When that statement is released we shall inform you of the excitement this punter is bearing.

Those wishing to try their luck at Millionaire Genie can easily do so by signing up an account with 888 Casino. A valid payment method is required but the gambling experience you’re given in return is something not to be forgotten.

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