NBC Cancels Community


Community, a cult comedy that has had trouble gaining large amount of viewers throughout its five seasons has been canceled by NBC. This comes as a shock to all as the show’s creator Dan Harmon returned to the series on its fifth season after being replaced in the fourth season of the show. The fifth season gained the highest rating NBC had seen for the show since its second season. Unfortunately other shows such as Hannibal have been able to gain higher rating and therefore are renewed, while a new show will be put in the time slot that community once held.

Dan Harmon, the Director and Creator of Community commented on the show being canceled saying: “It’s a shame to see that NBC has cancelled Community, I just recently returned to the series and I must say I missed working alongside the cast. We were able to gain high rating for the majority of the season but none the less we couldn’t compete with other time slots. I can only hope that one day the show will be renewed and we will be able to get the full cast back for one final reunion season. We all weren’t ready to depart from the show.”

There has been rumors that Netflix, a video streaming series famous around the world will pick up the comedy series. Netflix has yet to confirm if the rumors are true but from recent events it proves that Netflix is trying to get cult classic television programs to air once again on their streaming service. 

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inFAMOUS Second Son DLC To Be Released

inFAMOUS Second Son, an open world super hero video game developed by Sucker Punch Studio will have some downloadable content released for it within the next upcoming weeks. Sucker Punch revealed that they will be releasing an expansion pack DLC for the game, creating a new environment and story for our main protagonist to enjoy.

Sucker Punch made this announcement during an interview with IGN, saying: “We will be releasing downloadable content for inFAMOUS Second Son within the next couple of weeks. This new downloadable content will put players into a brand new area that we’ve never seen before in the inFAMOUS Games. Delsin Rowe, our main character goes to New York City to investigate a new power that no conduit has ever seen before. He is taken to a large, detailed and highly realistic version of Brooklyn as well as Manhattan. Players will eventually receive this new hidden power and will be able to use it in the actual game as well as the DLC.”

We suspect that the first downloadable content for this game won’t be released until the end of June. The game was only released back on May 22nd, 2014 and is still being completed by the majority of those who have the game. Regardless inFAMOUS Second Son has quickly become the most popular installment in the series and everyone who owns a Playstation 4 is flocking to their local game stores to purchase a copy. The new DLC will sell at incredible volume. 

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Everybody’s Jackpot won, Player Wins $264,956

Earlier on this month Playtech offered a special tournament for their video slot Everybody’s Jackpot. This tournament was available at every online casino that boasts the Playtech software. One online punter triggered the progressive jackpot while playing this tournament. This punter was able to win a total of $264,926 while spinning the reels on Everybody’s Jackpot.

Everybody’s Jackpot is a 5 reel, 8 payline slot that boasts a variety of features. Players can look forward to wilds or free spins, a maximum of twelve free spins can be won through this slot. While your spinning the reels you come across the games logo, a golden watch, a showcase girl, themed poker symbols and more. The background designed around the reels consists of a game show stage, large stage lights, a showgirl and neon purple lights. This in return makes for a wonderful experience while you’re playing this slot.

Playtech released a statement regarding this tournament win saying, “This marks the third tournament that we have had for Everybody’s Jackpot. This slot continues to remain as one of our most popular titles with new punters experiencing this game each day. We released this tournament in hopes that one punter would be able to win a large amount of money, potentially lifesaving. The punter who won the tournament actually needed a large amount of money to pay off his mothers heart surgery which is why we way playing this tournament, he has said he’ll use every dime in order to better his mother health.”

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Bodugi Loses Their UK Gambling License

Bodugi Limited, a well known social gambling firm based out of the United Kingdom had an unfortunate announcement made pertaining towards their operations. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission announced today that they have revoked Bodugi’s UK Gambling License. This means that Bodugi will no longer be able to operate in the border of the United Kingdom or any country run under the monarchy.

Bodugi officially had their UK Gambling License revoked after the UK Gambling Commission finalized their evidence against the operates. Earlier on Bodugi had their licence suspended until February due to a series of complaints made by customers. Customers states that they couldn’t withdrawal their funds and that there was a lack of cooperation from Bodugi when questioned about the funds. After more complaints were made to the UK Gambling Commission they choose to completely revoke Bodugi’s UK Gambling License.

The license has been revoked under two separate gambling act laws. Sections 117(2)(F) and 119(1) in the 2005 Act reads the following: “If an operator is unable to carry out proper operations with their gambling license and are found to be consistent with illegal activity. That license will then be revoked from the operator after a suspension period.”

Bodugi has yet to make any comments relating towards the issue. We suspect that the operators are trying to figure out a way in which they can continue operation in the United Kingdom gambling market. Unfortunately revoking of a UK Gambling License is final.


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UFC and Unibet Sign Sponsorship Deal

Unibet, an online betting firm announced this week that they have signed a sponsorship deal with the highly popular Ultimate Fighting Championship. Formally known as the UFC, this MMA fighting group will now be sponsored by Unibet.

This new sponsorship deal will allow for Unibet to become to the official gambling partner for the UFC in Belgium, Ireland, France, Australia, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The deal is set to last for two years as of right now, no advertisements have been set to be released as of right now. We suspect that exclusive promotional opportunities will be available with this new sponsorship deal.

Nils Anden, the Chief Marketing Officer for Unibet commented on this sponsorship deal saying, “We are now the main gambling partner for the UFC in six different countries across Europe. We plan to offer our players exclusive promotions that will be linked in with special UFC events around the globe. This new sponsorship deal will allow for us to gain a series of new players who would never consider online gambling to be a legitimate form of entertainment.”

The Managing Director for the UFC Garry Cook also commented on the sponsorship deal saying, “We are honored to have partnered up with one of the fastest growing online casinos in the world. The UFC hosts hundreds of events every year throughout the globe, having Unibet as our main sponsor in 6 countries won’t just help out the UFC but it will also help out Unibet. We look forward to seeing how this sponsorship deal effects both of our companies.”


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Gamesys New Jersey Platform Gains WMS Slots

Online betting firm Williams Interactive announced earlier on in the month that they signed a content supply deal with Gamesys. This new content supply deal will allow for the New Jersey Gamesys platform to gain all of the WMS developed slot machines.

Gamesys currently is involved with two separate online casinos based in New Jersey. Those two casinos is Virgin Casino and Tropicana Atlantic City Casino, both of these gambling properties will have the new WMS developed slots added to their repertoire of casino games.

Williams Interactive is famous for providing a wide variety of slots that are branded, not only are their slots available for online gambling but they are also available for land based gambling at casinos that offer slot machines loaded with online software. Some of the branded slots you will come across from WMS includes Bruce Lee, The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka and more.

The Managing Director for Williams Interactive Jordan Levin commented on the announcement of this content supply deal saying, “We look forward to working with Gamesys in the future. Gamesys already is connected to two different online casinos in New Jersey and they’ll continue to grow as time goes on. We look forward to being a part of their joining and working alongside them to create new slot machines for their players to enjoy. Our library of slots are now being added to the list of casino games that Gamesys already offers, we hope that their players enjoy the experience we are about to offer them.”


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Love Cash Slots Tournament At Liberty Slots

Liberty Slots has announced that their celebrating Valentine’s Day with the “Love Cash Slots Tournaments”. A total of $15,000 can be won through this tournament.

The game that is being played for the Love Cash Slots Tournament is “Cupids Arrow”. The total prize pool is $15,000 with the first prize being $5,000. The buy in four this tournament is only five dollars and the tournament will end on February 15th, a day after Valentine’s day.

Mark Ramirez, the casino manger for Liberty slots commented on the announcement saying, “It is always fun to compete against fellow online punters with the hopes that you will be the lucky one to win the first prize. This is a great tournament that is only worth $5 and who knows you could be a $5,000 richer player for a $5 entry fee.

Cupid’s Arrow is the best slot machine that could of been picked for this V-Day inspired tournament. The 5 reel, 20 payline game offers various features such as free spins, bonus rounds and multipliers. Allowing for players to gain an edge on future big wins.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy daily tournaments as well. You can enter daily tournaments and win a quick $100. You also can enter a week long tournament where you have the potential to win up to $500 in cash money.

If you’re looking to play this tournament you’ll be able to do so on February 14th, 2014 at the Liberty Slots online casino.


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Rabcat Releases four new slots


Online software developer Rabcat announced that they are releasing four new online slots. These four new slots include “Dragons Cove”, “Castle Builder”, “Forsaken Kingdom” and “Castle Builder” have all been launched and now are available at various online casinos.

The details for these new slots are:

  • Castle Builder is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot that takes players on an adventure through the middle ages. You’ll come across princesses, knights, kinds and more along your travels. Features include multiple levels to beat, buildings castles to win coins and courting the princess at her Royal Wedding.

  • Frozen Diamonds is a unique video slot that has various prized gems falling from the top of the game screen. Once a win is triggered there is a large explosion and all of the winning symbols are removed. This gives players the chance is have multiple large wins in a short period of time. Frozen Diamonds offers wilds, free spins and a gable feature which can double players winnings.

  • Dragons Cave is a 5 reel, 2 Way Payline video slot that features a young lady who has the task of hunting down the four treacherous dragons. If the girl happens to defeat all four dragons she is sent to a bonus round where each dragon gives her a prize.

  • Forsaken Kingdom is a 5 reel slot machine that takes you back into the middle ages where you shall meet King Arthur. Once you meet King Arthur the both of you go on a mission in order to find cold. You’ll notice there is a bonus round where the twelve knights gather at the Round Table, collecting various prizes in the process.

Each one of these new Rabcat slots offers a wonderful experience that takes you into a magical world that you end up wanting more of.

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BetSoft Releases “Lost” and “Madder Scientist” on ToGo

BetSoft Gaming, one of the more well known software developers in the online gambling market announced the release of two of their most famous slots “Lost” and “Madder Scientist” on their ToGo Mobile Platform. These mobile versions of these slot games don’t differ compared to their PC counter parts. You’ll receive the same graphics, game performances and overall experience when playing the mobile version of these slot games.

Anthony Locke, the man behind BetSoft’s Product Development team commented on the new release saying, “Mobile gambling is constantly become more of a demand and we want to make sure that we cater towards the demand. Our licensees and players expect a certain level of quality from us as a developer. This is why we release “Lost” and “Madder Scientist”, they are two of our most popular PC slot games that are now available on a variety of mobile devices.”

In other slot news one of the largest software developers in the market Playtech also announced the release of two new slot machines. “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” is the first game to be released offering players 5 reels and 9 payline to bet on. This new Chinese based slot offers win multipliers, wilds, scatters and more. Britain’s Got Talent is the second slot to be released by Playtech and is directly based off of the famous TV show. Players can look forward to various features such as a bonus round, sticky wilds, scatters, win multipliers and a jackpot as well.

Every single one of the slots listen in this article are now available for real money play.

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Achievement Feature Launched By Quickfire

Quickfire, the subsidiary software developer for Microgaming announced the release of a unique achievement system for players. This new achievement system will allow for players to have a revolutionarily experience due to earning badges and awards. You will earn these badges and awards by beating certain tasks made by Quickife.

The first online casino to gain this mode is BetAt. This mode is designed in a special tab on the player account profile where players can check out what they have done. Quickfire is spending a great deal of time working on integrating this mode to every online casino that offers there software.

The QuickFire Chief Ashley Sandyford-Sykes commented on the launch saying, “Any Quickfire operator has the opportunity to use this system now and offer a new program that will increase players experiences for a generation to come. It will allow for people to feel more accomplished in their goals and feel stronger as an online gambler. We look forward to seeing the response of what is to come.”
Igor Samardziski, the BetAt manager also commented saying, “It is important to give your players a unique experience and to reward them with trophies for what they have done. This is a new way that we can do that and please our players beyond belief.”

“Microgaming has always been able to accomplish high quality casino games allowing for Quickfire to do the same thing. Their game engine is beyond any other software developers and due to this Quickfire was able to create this brand new feature for our players. This will allow for us to offer new promotions, game prizes and much more. It has the power to change everything about how we like to gamble on our online slots.”


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