Gold Mega Jackpot Awarded at 888 Casino

Late into the night of November 9th, 2015, a lucky online punter triggered a life altering amount of money while playing the video slot “Tornadough”. This gambler triggered the Gold Mega Jackpot, allowing for $774,758 to be won.

888 Casino

The details regarding this progressive jackpot win have been somewhat kept secret. The details pertaining towards the winning player’s name, location and more hasn’t been revealed by 888 Casino. We do know that this is the thirty seventh time that this progressive has been won since it was released back in January of 2010. This network progressive pays out a normal figure amount of $945,171. The largest progressive to ever be taken on “Gold Mega Jackpot” was $1,985,920. None the less this fortunate punter was able to win an amount of money that’ll surely alter his financial life.

The Gold Mega Jackpot is offered on a variety of exclusive slots to 888 Casino. Those games include Tornadough, The Sting and Hawaiian Madness. All of these games are currently available to be played at 888. The winning punter, though withholding his identity still made the effort to make a short statement, “I’d like to thank 888 Casino for everything, the transition has been smooth. I’m just starting to get over the shock of this all, I don’t know what’s in store for my future but thanks to 888 Casino it’ll be a future I never would’ve thought I’d have.”

Clearly this winning punter is grateful for this progressive win. Whomever wants to try their chances on this progressive, which pays out roughly every six weeks can do so at 888 Casino today.

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