inFAMOUS Second Son DLC To Be Released

inFAMOUS Second Son, an open world super hero video game developed by Sucker Punch Studio will have some downloadable content released for it within the next upcoming weeks. Sucker Punch revealed that they will be releasing an expansion pack DLC for the game, creating a new environment and story for our main protagonist to enjoy.

Sucker Punch made this announcement during an interview with IGN, saying: “We will be releasing downloadable content for inFAMOUS Second Son within the next couple of weeks. This new downloadable content will put players into a brand new area that we’ve never seen before in the inFAMOUS Games. Delsin Rowe, our main character goes to New York City to investigate a new power that no conduit has ever seen before. He is taken to a large, detailed and highly realistic version of Brooklyn as well as Manhattan. Players will eventually receive this new hidden power and will be able to use it in the actual game as well as the DLC.”

We suspect that the first downloadable content for this game won’t be released until the end of June. The game was only released back on May 22nd, 2014 and is still being completed by the majority of those who have the game. Regardless inFAMOUS Second Son has quickly become the most popular installment in the series and everyone who owns a Playstation 4 is flocking to their local game stores to purchase a copy. The new DLC will sell at incredible volume. 

Author: admin on May 13, 2014
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