Major Millions Mega Spin


Major Millions Mega Spin Slot Game is the younger brother to the original Major Millions Slot game that Microgaming had to offer. The original version of the game was only a 3 reel slot game with a single payline but it gained extremely quick popularity due to its progressive jackpot that it offered. The Major Millions Mega Spin Slot Game has the unique ability to let the player play up to six slot games at the same time. The best part of it all is that you have a chance to win the extremely large Progressive Jackpot that is up for grabs and since you can play 6 games of once you have 6 chances of winning the Progressive Jackpot. This only furthers a player’s determination to continue to play the game and win the jackpot.

The original version of the game had a very classic slot feel to it and Major Millions Mega Spin keeps up with the tradition of offering the same classic slot feel but with a new twist. The symbols that were all in the original game are still in this new version of the games. These symbols being the single, double and triple bars and also the unforgettable cherries, the logo for Major Millions Mega Spin is the symbols that acts as a wild. One of these symbols will double you’re win while two of the symbols will quadruple your win. The graphics in this game are absolutely unbelievable and they make you feel as if you’re playing a real slot in a land based casino but better.

The wagers you can make at Major Millions Mega Spin Slot Game starts at the minimum of $0.60 while the maximum wager you can place is $18. This means that a broader audience can play this game since it caters to high rollers, mid rollers and low rollers and all the those different types of players can except a wonderful gaming experience that will not disappoint. The progressive jackpot is always in play and up for grabs to be won, the way you win a jackpot is by hitting 3 Major Million Symbols on the first or second payline. This means you’re win will range anyways from $25,000 to $50,000. This is a astonishing good amount of money that can be won from this classic slot and it can be won with the minimum bet of $0.60.

There are no real unique features to the Major Millions Mega Spin beyond that of the multiplier and wild symbol. As we had mentioned before in the article that Major Millions Symbol activates as both a multiplier and wild while you’re player. The one hit on the Major Millions symbol will result in your win being doubled while hitting two of the Major Millions Symbol will result in your winning whatever you won and multiplying that by four.

This is by far one of the best games the Microgaming has to offer due to the classic feel that slot has to offer and the thrills of winning a massive progressive jackpot. Than there is the whole being able to play 6 games at once which only increases you’re play value and the amount of fun you can have while playing. Microgaming truly out did there selves with the Major Millions Mega Spin Progressive Slot Game and only continues to add to the good name of the Mega Spin Series that microgaming has continued to release over the last couple of years.





Author: admin on March 26, 2013
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