Millionaire Genie Progressive Won At 888 Casino

What would it be like to be a millionaire? to live the life of luxury and more. That’s what Millionaire Genie, a video slot available at 888 Casino exactly offers you the chance to win. One fortunate player this week was able to win that ability to become a millionaire as this player won $5,194,130. This is an incredible jackpot win but unfortunately as of right now there is no word on any of the details regarding who triggered this progressive.

What makes this slot so appealing to so many is not just the name but also the traditional design. While playing this slot it is basic and simple to use, allowing for a peaceful gambling experience. The scratch card bonus game is also a lot of fun and reminds you of a day when slot machines weren’t around. Through this bonus round you can trigger the progressive just as this lucky player did earlier on this week.

We also aren’t aware of what this winning punter plans on doing with the money they’ve won. When winning a jackpot such as this your life changes in a matter of a second, you are instantly in another tax bracket. This punter will more than likely be checking what options he has with his new finances and then reveal a statement to the press. When that statement is released we shall inform you of the excitement this punter is bearing.

Those wishing to try their luck at Millionaire Genie can easily do so by signing up an account with 888 Casino. A valid payment method is required but the gambling experience you’re given in return is something not to be forgotten.

Author: admin on January 23, 2015
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