Player wins $128,076 Jackpot on Wall St Fever

Earlier today we were alerted that once again another six figure maximum jackpot was triggered. This time a lucky player’s life was changed when he/she landed on Playtech’s famous slot Wall St Fever. This saw the player trigger a $128,076 jackpot and this life changing amount of money is sure to improve the life of this player and those close to them.

The details on this win have yet to be released by Playtech and the casino where the win took place has also not yet been released. We can say that this jackpot win is an average for this slot machine but considering it is a quarter machine and each spin only costs a quarter, that is a very nice jackpot to win for the amount staked. The jackpot on this slot is triggered every single month, it is one of the more profitable slots to be released by Playtech.

Players continue to make this old slot remain popular and famous every single year. The loyal fan base of players who enjoy this slot plus other Playtech developed slot machines allow for the jackpots to grow and be triggered. As more information is released on the details of this big win we will let you know and keep you informed.

Author: admin on November 30, 2013
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