Sherriff Gaming accused of Money Laundering


Sheriff Gaming, a provider and developer of online betting games, is facing legal problems after the Dutch Authorities raided a number of its offices and subsequently closed down 7 casinos operated by Sherriff. This is a result of accusations that the company was laundering money.

Stijin Flapper, the companies CEO, is reported to be directly involved in this scheme however the company vehemently denies any wrong doing and is adamant that they and no one in the company were or are guilty of money laundering.

Sherriff Gaming posted a statement of their website that stated that the Dutch Authorities have failed to provide any information relating to any possible evidence of any wrong doing. Based on that, the company has no direct proof that anyone involved with Sherriff has committed any illegal activities. They continue to state that they have requested detailed information pertaining to the evidence.

It is unknown how this recent development will affect Sherriff Gaming’s place within the online gaming industry or if charges will follow let alone if the casinos in question will be re-opened. No matter the results it is clear this is a dark day in this growing companies history.

Author: admin on June 3, 2013
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