UFC and Unibet Sign Sponsorship Deal

Unibet, an online betting firm announced this week that they have signed a sponsorship deal with the highly popular Ultimate Fighting Championship. Formally known as the UFC, this MMA fighting group will now be sponsored by Unibet.

This new sponsorship deal will allow for Unibet to become to the official gambling partner for the UFC in Belgium, Ireland, France, Australia, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The deal is set to last for two years as of right now, no advertisements have been set to be released as of right now. We suspect that exclusive promotional opportunities will be available with this new sponsorship deal.

Nils Anden, the Chief Marketing Officer for Unibet commented on this sponsorship deal saying, “We are now the main gambling partner for the UFC in six different countries across Europe. We plan to offer our players exclusive promotions that will be linked in with special UFC events around the globe. This new sponsorship deal will allow for us to gain a series of new players who would never consider online gambling to be a legitimate form of entertainment.”

The Managing Director for the UFC Garry Cook also commented on the sponsorship deal saying, “We are honored to have partnered up with one of the fastest growing online casinos in the world. The UFC hosts hundreds of events every year throughout the globe, having Unibet as our main sponsor in 6 countries won’t just help out the UFC but it will also help out Unibet. We look forward to seeing how this sponsorship deal effects both of our companies.”


Author: admin on March 19, 2014
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