Achievement Feature Launched By Quickfire

Quickfire, the subsidiary software developer for Microgaming announced the release of a unique achievement system for players. This new achievement system will allow for players to have a revolutionarily experience due to earning badges and awards. You will earn these badges and awards by beating certain tasks made by Quickife.

The first online casino to gain this mode is BetAt. This mode is designed in a special tab on the player account profile where players can check out what they have done. Quickfire is spending a great deal of time working on integrating this mode to every online casino that offers there software.

The QuickFire Chief Ashley Sandyford-Sykes commented on the launch saying, “Any Quickfire operator has the opportunity to use this system now and offer a new program that will increase players experiences for a generation to come. It will allow for people to feel more accomplished in their goals and feel stronger as an online gambler. We look forward to seeing the response of what is to come.”
Igor Samardziski, the BetAt manager also commented saying, “It is important to give your players a unique experience and to reward them with trophies for what they have done. This is a new way that we can do that and please our players beyond belief.”

“Microgaming has always been able to accomplish high quality casino games allowing for Quickfire to do the same thing. Their game engine is beyond any other software developers and due to this Quickfire was able to create this brand new feature for our players. This will allow for us to offer new promotions, game prizes and much more. It has the power to change everything about how we like to gamble on our online slots.”


Author: admin on January 22, 2014
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