Bodugi Loses Their UK Gambling License

Bodugi Limited, a well known social gambling firm based out of the United Kingdom had an unfortunate announcement made pertaining towards their operations. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission announced today that they have revoked Bodugi’s UK Gambling License. This means that Bodugi will no longer be able to operate in the border of the United Kingdom or any country run under the monarchy.

Bodugi officially had their UK Gambling License revoked after the UK Gambling Commission finalized their evidence against the operates. Earlier on Bodugi had their licence suspended until February due to a series of complaints made by customers. Customers states that they couldn’t withdrawal their funds and that there was a lack of cooperation from Bodugi when questioned about the funds. After more complaints were made to the UK Gambling Commission they choose to completely revoke Bodugi’s UK Gambling License.

The license has been revoked under two separate gambling act laws. Sections 117(2)(F) and 119(1) in the 2005 Act reads the following: “If an operator is unable to carry out proper operations with their gambling license and are found to be consistent with illegal activity. That license will then be revoked from the operator after a suspension period.”

Bodugi has yet to make any comments relating towards the issue. We suspect that the operators are trying to figure out a way in which they can continue operation in the United Kingdom gambling market. Unfortunately revoking of a UK Gambling License is final.


Author: admin on April 25, 2014
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