Delaware’s Online Gambling Revenue Increases

Delaware is one of the three states within the United States of America to have a legalized online gambling market. Unfortunately out of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey it is Delaware that turns the lowest profits on a monthly basis. Last month Delaware was able to see a slight growth in revenue just as they did during March, this in return has showed Delaware officials that their online gambling market still have the opportunity to be profitable.

There is currently only three online casinos that are licensed and regulated within Delaware. These three online casinos include Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway. All together these casinos were able to bring in $240,496.08. Delaware Park brought in $180,900.38 while Dover Downs brought in $48,553.07. Harrington Raceway on the other hand wasn’t able to earn remotely that much, bringing in only $11,042.48.

Regardless if this isn’t a large amount of money or not, it is still an increase when compared to March. During March, Delaware only brought in a total of $206,833.48 in revenue. Unfortunately, online poker in Delaware dropped in revenues this month and only $74,078.44 in revenue was generated.

It should be noted that while Delaware’s online gambling market might be small in revenue, the state’s population only consists of one million people and this plays a large part in overall revenue.

Author: admin on June 5, 2014
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