Facebook Social Gaming Dropped By Gamesys

Gamesys, a long lasting software developer in the online gambling market announce that they have had to abandon their social gambling platform on Facebook. This means that the Slots Frenzy and Bingo apps that Gamesys created for their social media website have been pulled and are no longer available to the general public. This announcement came after Gamesys received a large amount of complaints relating towards these applications, that is when Gamesys announced that they have already pulled down the applications.

The applications have been available to players for the last two years, when Gamesys didn’t give anyone notice that they were pulling down these social media betting platforms players reacted in a harsh manner. Those players took it upon themselves to call Gamesys representatives, email and post complaints all over their Facebook page. The Gamesys platform is still being operated on JackpotJoy and anyone who enjoyed the Gamesys platform can still experience it by registering an account with JackpotJoy. The only difference will be that you’ll be playing with real money and you’ll be winning real money, it’s just the next step in your online gambling adventure.

Gamesys made their short statement via their Facebook page saying, “Due to a series of recent comments and complaints being made on our Facebook page we have chosen to state “We have chosen to pull Slot Frenzy and Bingo from Facebook. The reason for this is because player activity has fallen by 50% during the last three months and it is no longer viable to maintain these games at this time”

Author: admin on June 5, 2014
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