Microgaming offers Blackjack Coach

Microgaming has announced it has released Blackjack coaching software for those who wish to learn the game. The product is called Bronzebeard Blackjack – the Strategy Coach. The point to this is to teach blackjack players blackjack strategy that can be applied to online play as well as live play.

The software will teach players the best methods to optimize the strategy that they learn using a 3D mobile app that has been designed to work with Microsoft Windows 8.0 and the Xbox. The game will support the Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7 and others.  As well Microgaming will be making this compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.0 as well as the Microsoft Xbox console via Xbox Live. Players are able to mobile download the software directly from Microsoft through the Phone Store. It will not require users to be connected to the internet in order to play and use the software.

The mobile app has more than 60 animations and includes 4 different levels of play.

Author: admin on March 26, 2013
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