NBC Cancels Community


Community, a cult comedy that has had trouble gaining large amount of viewers throughout its five seasons has been canceled by NBC. This comes as a shock to all as the show’s creator Dan Harmon returned to the series on its fifth season after being replaced in the fourth season of the show. The fifth season gained the highest rating NBC had seen for the show since its second season. Unfortunately other shows such as Hannibal have been able to gain higher rating and therefore are renewed, while a new show will be put in the time slot that community once held.

Dan Harmon, the Director and Creator of Community commented on the show being canceled saying: “It’s a shame to see that NBC has cancelled Community, I just recently returned to the series and I must say I missed working alongside the cast. We were able to gain high rating for the majority of the season but none the less we couldn’t compete with other time slots. I can only hope that one day the show will be renewed and we will be able to get the full cast back for one final reunion season. We all weren’t ready to depart from the show.”

There has been rumors that Netflix, a video streaming series famous around the world will pick up the comedy series. Netflix has yet to confirm if the rumors are true but from recent events it proves that Netflix is trying to get cult classic television programs to air once again on their streaming service. 

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