Paddy Power Published Their Financial Results

 One of the largest and most famous internet betting giants in Ireland is Paddy Power. This week they released their financial results which notes higher revenues for the company. Players of Paddy Power still had the opportunity to win big money due to the sports betting available at Paddy Power.

The financial indicators for the months of September to November were the following. The Group Sports Book stake went up by fourteen percent while the groups net revenue went up by seven percent. Paddy Power’s Sports turn over went up by fifteen percent while eGaming’s B2B revenue went up by seventeen percent.

The turnover growth in Australia accelerated drastically, growing at a nice percentage of 26%. The online net worth went up by thirty percent while the revenue brought it from online gaming was 23%. The sports book stakes in Italy has the biggest increase of all, the stakes went up by 84%. Retail sports betting had a turnover of five percent and mobile gambling went up by 63%.

Everyone can clearly see that Paddy Power has had one of the best years during their many years in business. It is only speculated that their revenue’s will continue increase for the next couple of years.


Author: admin on November 30, 2013
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