State of Online Gambling in The U.S

In recent months, there has been several U.S states that have chosen to go forward with the legalization of gambling online. That includes the usual mix of casino and poker games and to date includes Nevada, N.J and Delaware. This of course, has caused many to look closer at the enacting of their own state laws as a source of revenue generation.

The big side to that is the licensing and taxation of winnings. It is certainly the force that is driving this interest. The fact the federal government hasn’t joined the band wagon so to speak is shocking as the sum of money that it would receive as a result would be staggering. If you look at local lotteries, those alone generate an average of 17+ billion per year and therefore by licensing online gaming establishments, that would easily double, if not triple. The interest is high as evident from sites like PokieCasino, who actively promote online gambling and the type of games that can be accessed.

As more state become desperate to find new revenue sources, it is becoming apparent, that many will adopt laws as Nevada did. They were the front runner in this and so far the regulation and results have proven to be positive on many fronts. Iowa was one of those that undertook a study with its results predicting that they could net up to $12.5 million from the legalization of online poker alone. Factor in if they included slots, and that number would double.


The support for legalizing online gaming is growing at an alarming rate. The fact that the revenue could be used towards education, social programs and debt reduction is a very attractive notion to many who hold the reins to power in the U.S. This was even mentions in a recent New York Times article. It shows that more states are looking closely at permitting it with new laws and many states already have taken that first step in proposing bills that are before their respective legislators.

Author: admin on October 2, 2014
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