Unibet beats their legal challenge with tennis sponsorship

 Unibet is one of the largest Swedish online betting firms and had hoped to be a sponsor the Stockholm open tennis tournament that is scheduled for this weekend. The Swedish gambling board did not approve of this future sponsorship and the board therefore took legal matters into their hands. The end result is Unibet having the decision in their favor and being able to sponsor Stockholm this weekend.

The legal challenges came when the Swedish Gambling Board had suspicions that Unibet was using this sponsorship as some form of illegal advertising. This resulted in the police doing an investigation on Unibet with the investigation showing that the allegations were false and that Unibet had every reason to sponsor Stockholm.

The Stockholm Open Tennis Tournament is one of the largest tournaments Tennis tournaments in Sweden. Anything that could pose a threat to the tennis tournament is looked into. The Swedish Gambling Board will not have any repercussions for their actions on Unibet.

This tournament features some of the biggest names in tennis. You will see fan favorites such as Jerzy Janowicz, Griror Dimitrov and David Ferrer. You can expect some of the best tennis action from these players. Unibet’s sponsorship will allow for fans of the Stockholm Open to bet on their favorite tennis players through live steaming of the matches on the Unibet website. You will be able to make more accurate bets through live streaming betting and this will result in you winning more money.


Author: admin on October 31, 2013
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