Videoslot Basics

Videoslot is probably the most popular category of casino games at any online casino and suitable for pretty much any wager from €0.01 up to €1000 per spin. Videoslots have gone through a big change recently when online casinos became more popular and the possibilities were only limited by creativity.

The result is higher quality and better security with more payouts and higher theoretical returns. In this guide we’ll introduce you to the mechanics of the common videoslot, what everything means and how you bet and spin the reels with the bets you want.

Introduction to Videoslots
The basics of a videoslot is best understood by explaining what everything on your screen means, everything from bet-line to payouts and how the payouts are decided.

Bet-line: A bet-line is basically an artificial line that go from reel to reel and create a possible winning line of symbols. The line can jump between any row between each reel, but can never stop on a single reel more than once. Each bet-line is also an additional coin, which decides how much you are betting.

Coin value: For every bet-line you have to place a coin and you decide for yourself how much you want that coin to be worth. The value of the coin in return decides how much you win from the symbol payouts, so the more you bet the more you win.

Bet level: You can further increase your bet by increasing your bet level, each increase of the bet level is equivalent to adding another coin per bet-line. The same applies here, the higher bet-level the more you win.

Payout: Most videoslots give payouts when you have 3 or more of the same symbol in a row from left to right (though sometimes also right to left). Each bet-line is a possible win but you can only get one winning combination per bet-line. Payouts are usually done by multiplying the bet on the winning bet-line.

Bonus Features and Games
There are a lot of bonus features and games in videoslots, each with a different experience and their own payouts. The most common bonuses in a videoslot are Wild-symbols, scatter-symbols, free spins and interactive bonus games.

Wild Symbols: A Wild-symbol basically has the same function as the Wild in poker games where it replaces all existing cards to help complete a hand. The Wild-symbol usually replace all symbols in a videoslot to create a winning combination with the exception of scatter-symbols and bonus-symbols.

Scatter-symbols: These symbols are not restricted to being on the same bet-line to award a payout and only depend on the number present on the reels. Scatter-symbols usually get you free spins, but on their own they will multiply your total bet by a certain number.

Free Spins: If you win free spins you will be awarded a number of spins at your current bet for free, sometimes you can win multipliers during free spins or get access to more Wild-symbols. In other words, during free spins you play for free and you can win even more than during regular spins.

Bonus Games: One of the most fun things about a videoslot is bonus games, while not all of them are great they still offer a certain interactivity to break the stalemate of just spinning on the reels. They not only cure boredom but provide a sense of participation and more fun while you still bring home a lot of winnings. The interactivity can range from just clicking on objects to reveal hidden payouts behind them, to controlling characters in 2d or 3d games.

Author: titboy on October 24, 2011
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